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Bukowo Lake Sandbar

The Bukowo Lake Barrier [3] is very narrow one. It is localised on the middle Polish coast, between villages: Łazy on the SW [1] and D±bki in the NE. Both of the villages are small touristic resorts with small houses and few big ugly resort blocks from 70-ties.
Coastal dunes are not under big impact but they are covered by pine plantation [2]. The Bukowo Lake Barrier thanks to narrow land hasn't got a road along it. Only meadow road is existing. The dunes of the barrier are under erosion. Several times in the past barrier was washed off in few places see old photos from beginning of the 20th century). Dunes are now nourished and beach protected by groins. Also grass plantations with pine plantations placed by human are protecting dunes against deflation. The touristic human impact is here very low. Only small village D±bkowice and its' beaches, localised near channel outlet (between sea and the Bukowo Lake [4]) become active during summer season.
The dunes in the NE part of barrier are narrow and high (up to 12m), and in SW part lower (8m) but wider (see profiles). The narrowest place on the barrier is now 90 m wide (!). There are only one dune ridge is behind the beach and then starts marshy ground with rushes of the lake.
Whole barrier is still retiring in the South. As a proof may be still cliffed, narrow dune ridge and peat slices with trees trunks on the beach in Łazy and D±bki. (Postcards: Kamera publish, old photos: Hartnack 1925).

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