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Świna Gate Barrier

Świnoujscie. Touristic, rehabilitation-recreation quarter of the city [1] with amphitheatre [2] close to the sea in 1942/44 and far in 2002 - caused by increasing coast [3]. In east direction there is Świna channel mouth [4] with harbour infrastructure [5]. Far in east direction at other side of the barrier are visible morenic cliffs near Międzyzdroje [6]. (postcards: Kamera publish. & Patan publish.)

Międzyzdroje. First plan is with mole (pier) [1]. In 2004 it was enlarged to about 300m. The closest to the sea hotel (Amber) - endangered in 1996 during heavy storm [2]. Dune under it is now nourished and builded-up by sandbags and stones. Near cliffs is localised second hotel complex [3], and then cliffs up to 90 m high [4]. On the old postcard is visible bigger foredune with planted grasses [5]. Also old wooden mole [6] and mentioned, still abraded cliffs [4]. Also have a look on amphitheatre, its distance from the sea [7] and round hotel building [8]. (postcards: Kamera publish., Patan-Press, publish).

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Świna Gate Barrier
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