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Sandy lowlands: Stilo to Jastrzębia Góra

This part of coast between Sarbsko Lake and moraine cliffs in Jastrzębia Góra [3] is without any bigger villages, excerpt few smaller or famous like Dębki [1] or Karwia [2]. First one counting from the West is Stilo, very small village localised on the far hinterland behind system of former wandering dunes (now forested). Then is Lubiatowo village with few bungalows on the coast, where higher, formerly wandering dunes are now close to the coast or they are cut off by storms (see photos). Next one is Białogóra, also small and localised far from coast.

The Dębki and its' part of dune coast is localised near Żarnowieckie Lake (where are remnants of first not finished Polish nuclear power plant). This lake in not coastal one but fjord gutter filled by water after glacier has been backed out. In the East direction begin swampy part of coast that in present time is used for private settlement (for people from neighbourhood big Tricity) with village Karwia. The cliffed coast in Jastrzębia Góra is famous of its coast protection - very big and heavy band made of gabions, there are covering moving cliff slope [4] - called by people Titanic (!).

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Sandy lowlands: Stilo
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