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Łeba Barrier

The Łebska Barrier - it is very famous Polish coastal area. Wandering dunes [1] covers more than a half of the barrier. They are unique even in Europe. They are protected by set up here Słowiński National Park. Dunes like barchan and parabolic dunes are moving from West to East covering former deflation areas [2] or wet dune slacks [3]. In the past human tried to fix dunes by planting pines. It was without results. Nowadays forest [4] is growing itself on low areas. Wandering dunes are burying trees and leaving only dead trunks.
This natural, dynamic area is localised between sea and Lake Łebsko [5]. Other two lakes barriers': the Sarbsko and the Gardno have fixed dunes. On the hinterland of the barriers and lakes is localised agricultural lowland.
On these three barriers there aren't mass tourism, excluding village Rowy localised on the West part of barrier near Lake Gardno and town Łeba localised between Lakes Łebsko and Sarbsko.

Łeba is old touristic and fisher town, several times destroyed by strong surges in 18th and 19th centuries. On the barrier prevail accumulation but in few places coast is abraded like in Rowy, where old lowland peat is visible under dune and on the beach [6]. The same situation is between Lakes Gardno and Łebsko. The unsteady dynamic is also in Łeba [7]. The two postcards are showing the same hotel in year 1935 and in 2001. At the back of foredune are existing big (up to 20 m) former wandering dunes [see open sand - 8]. (postcards: Art Keller, Inter Info, Dragon).

Rowy it is small village localised in the West part of whole barrier in delta of Łupawa River [1] flowing from Lake Gardno [2] to the Baltic Sea. On the East bank of the outlet dunes are cut off and nourished. On the West ban dunes are also cliffed but not nourished. It is hard to say what kind of direction has dune dynamic on both sides of outlet. Probably it is depending of bigger regional dynamic, changing in seasons or in time.

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