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Słupia River Delta Dunes

Coastal lowland of the Słupia River outlet [1] is localised between the Wicko Lake Barrier (in the West direction) and the Łeba Barrier (in the East direction). There is localised town Ustka- famous touristic resort with small harbour. The outlet of the river is protected by waterbreakers [2]. They are causing separation of natural transportation of material in shore. In relation to this coast on the East bank of river in under erosion and the West one shows tendency to accumulation. Erosion of the East part of coast caused, that town buildings endangered by storm surges are protected by tetrapods [3], groins and beach, dune nourishment. Foredune ridge is covered by promenade with shops [4]. About 2 km in the East direction from river outlet the morenic cliff starts. This part of coast also is retreating.
The West coast of Słupia outlet has tendency to accumulation with wide forested and covered by grasses dunes. Several dune ridges are building coast there, with big up to 20 m old, former-wandering dunes on the hinterland. All this area, starting from the harbour is a military area [5] with big international firing ground (also localised on the coast of Wicko Lake Barrier) - stretched in the West direction between Ustka and Jarosławiec.

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