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Wieprza River Delta Dunes

Between Bukowo, Jamno Lakes barriers' and Kopań, Wicko Lakes barriers' low lying coastal area with Wieprza river delta [1] and coastal dunes is localised. On the banks of the river outlet is localised village Darłówko and 3 km in south direction town Darłowo (with old castle). The outlet of the Wieprza and small harbour is protected by waterbreakers [2]. They are causing separation of natural transportation of material along shore. In relation to this coast on the East bank of river is under erosion and the West one show tendency to accumulation. Eroded part of coast in Darłówek is protected by heavy concrete band with tetrapods and waterbreakers made of big rocks [3a], where houses are just close to the sea and by tetrapods' band localised on abraded slope of foredune [3b]. Tetrapods are covering foredune on distance of about 3 km of the coast in East direction. They have their end at altitude of windmills [6]. They are builded on higher area of end clay moraine; in front of it there is still sandy dune area. Further is beginning of the Lake Kopań [5] barrier [4]. The exposition of the coastline on the barrier is causing fast erosion of the dunes and retreating of the coast. In the narrowest place barrier is only 50m wide (measures: 06.2004).
Along this part of coast dunes are low - not exceeding 6m and narrow. Only on the west part of coast, between Wieprza River outlet and Dąbki village (localised on the beginning of the Lake Bukowo Barrier) is visible accumulation of the coast with wide, 8 to 12m high dunes [7]. Dune grasses with abundant Eryngium maritimum densely cover them. (postcards: Kamera publish. and A.R.W. dragon publish.).

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