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The Wi¶lana Sandbar (barrier) is localised on east part of Polish coast in gulf of Gdańsk. This is narrow barrier covered densely by pine forest [1], between gulf and the Wi¶lany Haff [2]. Dunes from different stages of barrier development cover whole area. Human impact is not very high. Towns are localised far from coastline [7]. Only artificial pine plantation [3] that is existing on whole barrier caused natural dune plants vanishing (also Eryngium maritimum habitats, which are dying under growing pines). Wi¶lana Barrier begin near Wisła outlet (Vistula river) [4], where is big accumulation of the sand, progradation of the coast and development of new foredunes. This area is protected against human influence. One third of the barrier has at the hinterland low-lying area, called Żuławy Wi¶lane - it is area below sea level [5]. Other part of barrier has at the back mentioned Wi¶lany Haff [2]. (postcards: A.R.W. Pan Dragon publish., MW Sztutowo publish.).

Town of the Wi¶lana Barrier are localised far from the coast (0.5-2 km) [7]. Only few buildings are close to the sea: recreation infrastructure, shops, summer pubs, fishery harbours, watchtowers [6]. In these areas dunes and their plants are under human impact. The natural plants are vanishing and new footpaths are appearing. These towns are connected by one road going from Mikoszewo village near Wisła outlet across Jantar, Stegna, Sztutowo, K±ty Rybackie, then across not developed area to big, famous touristic town: Krynica Morska and then after few kilometres across forest and big dunes (even up to 20m) to the last village Piaski (or Nowa Karczma). There are any roads. Only forest roads go through 4, next kilometres to the end of the Poland, where is country border with Russia. This part of the barrier is unknown and without tourists. Also between villages coastal dunes are in natural conditions but under influence of human pine plantations. Morphology of the first dune, plants habitats are changing very rapidly, so it is not easy to describe barrier as one complex system. In few places (like near Krynica Morska) big old dunes are now close to the beach, so top of the foredune have even 35m and in some place there are low foredunes with many dune grasses ad with visible aeolian accumulation.

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